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Are you a fiercely independent person who dreams of traveling the world but doesn't think they can afford it? Are you full of curiosity about the diversity of cultures on our planet but don't quite know how to set your adventures in motion? Have you always wanted to "fly solo" but are held back by safety concerns and / or lack of experience in making it happen?


Sound like you so far? Let's narrow it down a bit more. You are a vibrant dreamer, hungry for discovery and wonderment and new connections. You want authentic experiences in new places with different people. Autonomy and freedom are non-negotiable mandatory items on your checklist of life priorities. You tend to choose experience over stuff, people over prestige. You are the kind of traveler who cares about not only getting the most out of a trip but also being a good guest. You do not come from excessive privilege and you couldn't care less about loud brand names, Michelin stars and VIP treatment: you just want your spirit to run free all over the playground we call Earth. You are not afraid of the world and the people in it – and even if you are a little afraid, you yearn to embrace it all. You always wanted to just grab a bag and go somewhere far, far away. You just need to know where to start is all.

If you recognize yourself in more than a couple of the above descriptions, Hack Solo Travel guidebook series may just be up your (brightly lit) alley, friend! This non-destination-specific budget travel guide will take you from A to Z of what you need to know about making your own international travel dreams come true -- with real talk for real people.

In "Hack Solo Travel: A Practical and Civil Guide to World Adventuring for Badasses on a Budget", you will learn (among so many other things):

  • How to get up the nerve to hit the road

  • How to choose a destination that fits your interests and financial abilities

  • How to plan, organize and pack for trips 

  • How to orient yourself on foreign terrain

  • How to keep communicating abroad, even with a language barrier

Image by Chris Lawton
  • How to connect and where to find cool peeps to hang with

  • How to get the most out of cultural and spiritual exposure through solo travel

  • How to get your “groove” on / back on the international dating scene

  • How to stay safe as a solo traveler (through preventative and defensive measures)

  • How to handle unexpected challenges (a.k.a. “adventure”)

  • How to stay alert to scams, rip-offs and shady people (a.k.a. how to not be a “chump”)

  • How to be an ethical and considerate guest abroad

  • How to navigate the societal underbelly of criminals and corrupt authorities if you ever do find yourself on the wrong side of the law

  • How to reconnect with your inner-badass and be empowered through solo travel

  • How to do ^^ it all ^^ on a "shoestring budget" ($30-50-ish per day, depending on the budget destination)

By the time you finish reading this book series, you'll be an armchair expert on this whole solo / budget world travel cakewalk. All that will be left for you to do is get off that "armchair" (a.k.a. your butt) and GO TRAVEL ALREADY!!


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