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So, a question I hear all the time, from both women and men is: isn't it super dangerous to travel as a solo female as opposed to solo male? To which I say: different – sure, “super-duper dangerous” – nah. People of all genders can get in trouble when they don't exercise common sense and vigilance, but you don't have to be one of them.

Puppets with Strings

I am a woman, I travel solo internationally all the time and I love it. There are many others like me and our ranks are growing (join us!!) I will concede that “traveling while female” is different from “traveling while male” – but only because being a woman is different than being a man in life in general. Institutionalized sexism exists, culturally internalized misogyny persists and female-directed violence is still a thing in our day. Additionally, trans women are singled out for hate crimes cis women are not even aware of.


We will not be turning a blind eye to any of the issues women travelers face in this guidebook – but we will address them from the point of view of all the knowledge and skills we possess to minimize and manage risk and heighten awareness and communication – rather than from the position of fearfulness and meekness.

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