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I am Maria Malyk, the author of "Hack Solo Travel: A Practical and Civil Guide to World Adventuring for Badasses on a Budget". I am writing it for financially strapped young American adults (and everyone else who can relate) who want to travel the world but don't quite know how to make it happen. Well, I am a woman of very little means and I've traveled to dozens of countries -- much of it solo -- and I can tell you how to do it too. And while we're at it, I'll give you all sorts of logistical, cultural and self-care pointers that will serve you well on your journeys through different countries and maybe even life in general. 

A bit about me. As a child, I came to the United States as a refugee from the Soviet Union, which set me in motion as a lifelong nomad. As a teenager, I was a runaway, which uncorked a lifelong survivor in me. As a young adult / college student, I traveled extensively as a budget backpacker, coming to the realization that movement is life. Now, as an older adult, a writer and a sociologist, I live as a digital nomad, which makes the generalized "abroad" my permanent, yet ever-changing "home". I've become so multi-cultural that when people ask me where I'm from, I say "How much time you got?"



Who knew Texan beach sand was so dense?? In my excitement to show off my self-proclaimed "hardcore Russian sandcastle-building skillz", I slammed my hand way too hard into the (not as fluffy as I thought) sand, causing a fracture in my left middle finger, landing me at a Corpus Cristi ER with all the other Fourth of July flunkies. This was not even the first time I broke a bone as an adult while engaging in recreational activities for children... Read more about my embarrassing travel fails in "Hack Solo Travel": it's a guidebook and a cringy cautionary tale rolled into one!

A life of frequent travel and constant adaptation has been generous with wild adventures, insight, inspiration and empowerment. Why keep all this good stuff to myself when there is value and entertainment in it for aspiring travelers?

I am not claiming that my style and philosophy of travel are for everybody – but I think that it will make sense to a lot of people. If you're still on the fence about whether or not this guidebook series is for you, check out the following "demographic specs" for more of an idea of who I am and how I “roll”. See if my voice resonates with your own and if my perspectives match up with your priorities and tastes.


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