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Naysaying And Fearmongering Keeps Americans From Traveling Abroad

Hell must have frozen over, because I finally made a vlog to share with y'all!

I have resisted making videos until now since:

  • I don't know how to make videos

  • I lost what little eloquence I had over the pandemic

Despite its embarrassingly low quality, I still submit this grainy Frankenstein's monster of a video for public viewing because I've got to start somewhere, right? And, as the ancient Russian proverb goes: "the first blintz always comes out looking like a giant poo emoji" (or something like that...)

Anyway, the topic of this vlog is:

US Americans who want to travel internationally are often held back by the negative naysayers in their lives.

Unfair social stereotypes and unfounded fears get passed down from person to person, discouraging aspiring travelers from even trying to reach for their dreams.

And that's super messed up and completely unnecessary.

People who try to talk you out of traveling for the first time are either misguided or straight-up don't have your best interests in mind. Travel is an experience-based thing by definition: you simply won't know how it sits with you until you literally do it. No one can predict this for you -- and no one has any business saying "no" to something that could be your life's great passion.

So, don't let others' lack of adventurous spirit and cultural curiosity render you inactive. Act on your dreams -- especially ones as attainable as travel! You'll thank yourself (profusely and repeatedly) when you make it to the "flip-side" -- on the road and loving your life.

As a parting thought, I'd like to leave you with a quote from an appropriately punk song from an appropriately nomadic musical voice:

"...There'll be no saviors

Any soon coming down.

And, anyway, illumination

Never comes from the crowned.


Realization number one:

You are the only light there is

for yourself, my friend.

You are the only light there is

for yourself, my friend."

-- "Illumination" by Gogol Bordello

Shine on and light your own path, people!! This way, no one else can flip the switch and leave you lost in the dark.


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